Misioo Foam Playset Castle Lila Velvet with 150 Balls


  • Made in Poland with high-grade materials to ensure the safety of your kids
  • Impeccable design, the whole set will undoubtedly be a highlight in the children’s room.
  • Includes pack of 150 pieces with beautiful colors is bound to get the kids all pumped up for daily playtime
  • The soft, smooth edges are made to protect the sensitive skin of the children

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A foam Castle playground offers maximum safety and fun for your child(ren)!

Every parent dreams of a playground that is safe and comfortable while providing maximum fun. The foam structure, consisting of 8 elements, is very light. Your toddler can easily move the individual elements and use
them to build all kinds of structures. Playground, obstacle course and resting place – stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity

The Misioo playground becomes a place where you can create shared memories and support your child’s development. All elements of the set have a removable cover, which makes it easier to wash the individual modules in the washing machine.

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