Misioo Premium Foldie Armchair Mini Gold Velvet


  • Made in Poland with high-grade materials to ensure the safety of your kids
  • Design – A single product can be adapted to the most sophisticated interiors, and the entire collection can be a pillar of style when arranging a room for a child.
  • Functionality – The Premium car seat was created as a seating element. Together with the footrest, it creates a perfect set, after all, it is a Premium.
  • The soft, smooth edges are made to protect the sensitive skin of the children

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The stylish and super comfortable seat is made of soft foam trimmed with a velvet-to-the-touch cover, it will be a great piece of equipment for every child’s room. Due to its size and low weight, it is easy to carry. Side pockets for toys will be a real treasure for children.

Weight 3 kg