Returns Policy


The Toys Home Return and Refund Policy have been formulated to honor your judgment. After all, to err is human, and we are entitled to change our minds. If you have second thoughts after choosing something, please let us know. At The Toys Home, we respect your opinion as also your dilemma. So, instead of simply paying for a product you are uncomfortable with, allow us to help you.

Buying a toy/gift without simply seeing it on a screen makes it natural to feel disappointed sometimes. But surely, you need not feel embarrassed about it. Instead, get in touch with us. If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with the gift/toy, please feel free to call us. On our part, we will not just pick it up but also refund your money without any deductions.

Following is the Toys Home return and refund policy for various situations –

Damaged/Faulty Product

Any faulty product delivered to you in a damaged condition, incorrect, or short of description is subject to free return.

Despite our best efforts to maintain high standards, sometimes things do not work out reasonably as expected. In such a situation, please accept our sincere apologies and allow us to resolve the problem. Preferably, get in touch with us and seek our advice. Our customer representatives will advise you on sending the item back to us without incurring any extra cost.

Product Damaged Due to Packaging

The Toys Home return and refund policy caters to faulty packaging too. We wrap your ordered item in the best possible packaging to show appreciation for choosing us. However, there are times when even this may not suffice. How much ever we strive, exceptions are always there, and it implies that you might receive the item in a damaged condition. When that happens, we request you kindly accept our sincere apologies and contact us immediately.

Unfortunately, in such a situation, the onus is on us to resolve it in the best possible manner. To this effect, we provide you with the following alternatives –

  • If you feel the damage is too much, please feel free to return the parcel to us, wherein we will bear the delivery charges.
  • If you would prefer a refund to a replacement, send the package back to us, and we will reimburse the entire cost, including delivery charges, if applicable.

Returns Policy

One of the reasons people shop with us is because we value and respect every opinion. To this effect, we uphold your feedback, whether positive or negative. If any of our items fail to impress you, please refer to The Toys Home’s return and refund policy.

Personally chosen toys/gifts are supposed to bring joy and make you smile. If they don’t, you can read the return/refund policy about that particular item. We will try to provide you with a fair solution for both parties. Needless to point out, the Internet is also a hunting ground for scammers and fraudsters. Therefore, in all sincerity, we intend to be generous toward our customers without compromising our brand’s integrity and reputation.

Personalized Gifts Return/Refund Policy

Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of personalized toys/gifts, these qualify for a return/refund policy only when specific conditions are met. Hence, customized gifts that are damaged/faulty are the only categories that are liable to be considered for refund/return.

Are You Dissatisfied with TOYS HOME Items?

Sometimes, a situation might arise wherein we might fall short of your expectations. This could pertain to the quality of the item, time taken for delivery, or compromise on packaging. In either of these situations, it might happen that your shopping experience as a customer is not as positive as it should be.

Aspects wherein we might fail to meet the high standards could pertain to –

  • Late delivery
  • Faulty packaging, or,
  • Compromised quality

In either situation, wherein the fault lies with us, we are committed to resolving the problem. What is more, we do not charge our customers at all for this process. For us, your positive experience is the ultimate priority. Therefore, if things go wrong, we will not stop at anything to restore our faith.

The Toys Home Policy for Customer Dissatisfaction

Well, not everyone is likely to suffer the same issue. In such a situation, The Toys Home’s refund and return policy in case of customer dissatisfaction varies per the problem. Some problems we have realized have the highest probability are discussed as follows…

In Case of Damaged Goods

Sometimes, you might receive the item ordered from TOYS HOME in a damaged condition. When that happens, please contact us by phone or email within 15 days of receipt. Please bear in mind you need to inform us within the 15-day timeframe, failing which your right to seek a refund/replacement stands null and void.

Upon receiving your intimation, we will require you to provide the following details –

  • A clear description of the damaged items.
  • Choose between refund/replacement of the item in question.
  • Please return the damaged item to The Toys Home as per the instructions provided to you by our customer service representative.
  • Request a prepaid return label from us and use it to return the damaged item free of cost.
  • Damaged items must be returned to us within 30 days of the intimation.

To return the item, you might rely on any most convenient mode. For us, it is the 30-day timeframe that matters the most irrespective of the way.

In Case of Incorrect/Missing Items

If you have received an incorrect item from The Toys Home, please get in touch within 15 days of receipt. The 15-day duration is essential if you seek a refund/replacement of the item. We do not provide refund/replacement if your purchase exceeds this duration.

Please follow these instructions to return the incorrect/missing item –

  • Please call us within 15 days of receipt of the faulty item.
  • Likewise, in case of an item that you have ordered and not received, please get in touch with us via email or phone and explain the problem.
  • Our customer service representative will guide you regarding how you can return the incorrect item.
  • For a missing item, our team will note down the details and expedite the process of issuing you a refund.
  • You must return the incorrect item within 30 days of receiving it.

Because we deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you owing to an error on our part, you can return the item via whichever mode is convenient for you.

In Case of Items not Matching Description

We assume you order an item from The Toys Home based on what you see on the website. Subsequently, if the item you receive does not match the description or appearance, you are entitled to return it and seek a refund from us. Alternatively, you can also ask us for a replacement.

Please remember that you must contact us within 15 days of receipt of the item to be eligible for a refund/replacement. We regret to inform you that requests for refund/replacement beyond 15 days of receipt will not be entertained.

When you call us up –

  • Please describe the discrepancy between what you saw on the website and the item you received.
  • Depending on the situation, we will refund the amount you paid or dispatch a replacement.
  • On your part, you can return the item to us without incurring any additional expense within 30 days of informing us.
  • Please coordinate with our customer service representative, who will guide you as regards the procedure.

Moreover, you can return the item to us via the most convenient mode.

In Case of Faulty Goods

At times, the item you receive might turn out to be faulty. Or, the thing might develop a fault within a few days of receipt. In either situation, you must contact us within 15 days of receipt of the item. Please be informed that The Toys Home will not entertain any request for refund/replacement beyond 15 days of receipt of the item.

On getting in touch with us, our customer service representative will ask you to describe the fault with the item. Henceforth, we will decide whether to send you a refund/replacement. Rest assured, and you need not incur any expenditure for returning the faulty item to us. Also, we will provide you with a 30-day window to return the defective item. You can choose whichever mode is most convenient for replacing the defective item.

What about International Orders?

Regarding items shipped from other countries, The Toys Home refund and return policy only directs us to issue refunds. Given the long distances and inconvenience, The Toys Home does not offer a replacement for the item in question.

You can rest assured that our refund will include the shipping or freight charges levied to transport the item.

In Case of Customer Error/Decision

Sometimes, dissatisfaction with a particular The Toys Home item may result from a personal error or wrong decision. Nevertheless, we would still like to assist you in rectifying the situation. Please share the details with us, and we will do our best while respecting the guidelines.

The error of judgment may arise due to –

  • Wrong details, wherein you might have provided us with the wrong address for delivery, incorrect contact details, or erroneous credit card information.
  • Wrong item, wherein you might have mistakenly ordered the incorrect item or changed your mind after placing the order.

Please contact our customer service department and explain the error in either situation. Alternatively, you can also drop us an email explaining the situation. In case of wrong details, we will first find out the status of your order. We can quickly rectify the error and minimize disruption if it is not processed. If it has already been processed, we regret to inform you that the matter is out of our hands. Hence, we will be unable to assist you in this regard.

You must contact us within 15 days of receipt for unwanted items to be eligible for a refund/replacement. Please call us and explain the situation. Next, our customer service representative will instruct you to return the unwanted item in perfect condition so it can still be sold. Having received the item from you, we will affirm its condition and issue a refund on approval.

Please note that you must bear the cost of returning the unwanted item.

Incorrect Delivery Details

As it happens, you may have provided us with the wrong delivery details. As soon as you realize this, please get in touch with us and inform us of the error. Also, please give the alternative address to which the item needs to be delivered.

On our part, we will trace the item to the mode of delivery. On identification, we will then redirect it to the new address. We will then inform you to pay the charges levied by the delivery service to redirect the package.

The Toys Home Return Policy – Procedure

To return the item, please get in touch with our customer service team. On their part, they will guide you as regard the procedure to be followed. However, please bear in mind that we reserve the right to deduct the return cost from the refund you will receive.

While returning the item, please ensure that you include the following details –

  • Your name is mentioned in the invoice.
  • The order number.
  • A confirmation in writing mentioning the items that are being returned.
  • A note mentioning the reason for the return of the item.
  • A request for a refund/replacement, whichever seems appropriate.
  • Name of our customer service representative who interacted with you on this matter.

Please note that this information is mandatory for your request to be processed and for the refund/replacement to be granted.

In Case of Breakages

The received might have been broken/damaged; we request you provide photographic evidence. We reserve the right to decide how to best resolve the situation, depending on the proof.

Intellectual Property

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